Where to Find Imported Home Decor in Los Angeles

There is something about imported home décor that sets unique decorating in a category of its own. In Los Angeles there are many different places to purchase imported home decor, but there is one place located in the Silverlake area that is top of the line, and offers imported home décor pieces that other place don’t have. In Los Angeles the place to go is a boutique by the name of Distant-LA. At Distant-LA you will instantly fall in love with of the fine imported pieces throughout the store. The owners of Distant-LA have taken care in insuring that their store offers products that you will not find anywhere else in the city of Los Angeles California.

If Turkish imports are a love of yours, at Distant-LA one of the top places to find imported home décor in Los Angeles, you will find many one of kind pieces, and other unique household pieces to create the type of environment and surroundings that you choose to create as your own. Beautiful mouth-blown glass lamps are available for the choosing along with many unique chandeliers. High-end hand woven textiles fill the boutique with a rich feeling and unique aura worthy of kings and queens.

We have all heard about the quality of Turkish bath towels, well at Distant-LA you will experience the fine collection and assortment of imported Turkish bath towels and spa wraps found in the finest homes and spas in the county. Distant-LA definitely one of the best places to find imported home décor, you will find the owners go out of their way to insure the finest and most unique import products are made available to its customers.

What better way to enjoy a long luxurious bath than with imported natural soaps and scrubs from Turkey. You will find the finest Turkish spa accessories for use in home and spa businesses that will set aside your moments of relaxation and meditation, transporting you to a state of calm, all available from Distant-LA one of the top places to find imported home décor in Los Angeles California.

If you are looking for small pieces of furniture or even ceramics that are unique imports, Distant-LA is the place to find the pieces that no one else will have in their home. Distant-LA is not only the perfect place to find imported home décor, but also your first and last stop for quality, price, and uniqueness among imported items.

Whether you are looking for imported home décor in the form of rugs, ceramics, pillows, soaps, marble pieces, fabrics, furniture or other unique imported pieces, Distant-LA is the place to shop. Distant-LA is located at 4516 Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

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