Home Decoration on a Budget

There are many ways to decorate a home on a budget. There are: Accessories, paint, and black and white picture walls, all three of these techniques will dramatically change the look of a room and not break the bank. The first tip is accessories, pillows, throws and area rugs. Decorative pillows can be purchased for as low as $10.00 from home stores and even internet sales. A few good pillows on an older couch or bedding will add a new look to a room and cost very little.

Adding a colored throw to the side of a worn out chain or at the end of a bed will bring in color and freshness. Area rugs are the perfect way to cover up old carpet in a room or hallway. They can even jazz up a kids room, by adding a themed area rug. You can purchase an area rug from $5.00 on up. The other type of area rug that will fill an entire room is a remnant carpet, go to a carpet sore and ask for remnant pieces of carpet that are left over from a job and strike a deal with them.

This is a wonderful option for coving up a large space for very little money. The next tip is paint, a gallon of good paint will cost around $30.00, and you want to get a better quality because you will save on primer and the amount of coats of paint that you use. Do not buy cheap paint it will cost you in the end. Painting a room can be done by anyone who can tape off a ceiling and base molding. You can get away with one gallon of good quality paint in a small room.

With darker colors two coats are recommended. Paint is still one of the best and most cost effective ways to change the look of a room. A few fun tips are paint on one wall as an accent wall or the wall behind a bed making an extended headboard. Lastly is a picture wall and this can go in just about any room?

Take some wonderful l family pictures and have them made into black and white photos. Buy inexpensive clear frames and put the black and white pictures in them. Make sure that they are different sizes to add some interest to the wall. Hang the picture on the wall and now you have created a beautiful focal point in any room. That wall can even be painted in a darker color to bring out the picture wall.

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