Home Decor: How to Decorate a Deck for Fall

Fall is the perfect time for using your deck. The days are cooler and there is nothing better than a cook-out or sipping hot chocolate out on the deck. Consider also that there are a lot of meteor showers that time of year. Your deck can make the perfect observational area for stargazing. By decorating your deck for Fall you can have the perfect surrounding for the season’s activities.

Tip #1 How to Decorate a Deck for Fall–

Adding Some Fall Flowers Around Your Deck

During the summer months we have all sorts of flowers blooming in planters around our decks to enhance the setting. When they begin to die off you can change out the flowers in them for Fall. Try replacing your geraniums, etc. for some Fall mums in beautiful, jaw-dropping colors. You can find these in gold, yellow, orange, burgundy, white, purple, and pink. Pick one or two complementary colors to build your decorating theme around.

Tip #2 How to Decorate a Deck for Fall–

Add a Harvest-Themed Arrangement to One Corner of the Deck

Fall is harvest-time. Celebrate this bountiful moment by adding a display to one corner of your deck. Find the corner that doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic, or that isn’t close to the grill. You can go to your local Garden Center and buy shocks of corn, some pumpkins or colorful gourds, a rectangular bale of hay, and a roll of wide ribbon in a Fall pattern Simply stand up the corn shock and tie the ribbon around it with a big bow on the front. Place your bale of hay in front of the shock at a slight angle, and casually arrange the pumpkins and/or gourds on the hay. Total cost will run around twenty to thirty dollars and this arrangement will hold up well in the unsettled Fall weather.

Tip #3 How to Decorate a Deck for Fall–

Change the Deck Lighting to Suit the Mood

During the Summer we keep our decks well lighted because of all the time we spend outside. With the cooler temperatures of the Fall however, your short times spent outside won’t need as much illumination, especially when stargazing or cuddling with a loved one. Soften up the deck lighting by changing to lower wattage bulbs; taking out every other solar light, if possible; or just use strings of Fall inspired party lights, or tiki torches instead. If the lighting still doesn’t make the deck seem quite right, you can try using a small spotlight to highlight one area; say the harvest-themed arrangement you’ve recently added, and keep only the party lights, or tiki torches going around the perimeter. And, with the dryness of the season, do keep a close eye on the torches. Only use them when you will be outside and make sure they are fully extinguished before you go inside for the night.

Tip #4 How to Decorate a Deck for Fall–

Give Your Deck Furniture a Fall Facelift

When you are decorating your deck for Fall, you can tie everything together if you change out the cushions for your deck furniture. Buy the new cushions in coordinating colors to match the Fall décor and it will look fabulous. If you can’t get a new set right away, look for them to go on clearance at the end of the season and snatch them up for forty percent or more off the original price. Just store them away for the off-season, and you will have a new, inexpensive set of cushions for next year.

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