Decorating with Sea Glass: 7 Sparkling Suggestions to Showcase Your Collection

It’s time to dust off that old jar of sea glass and bring new life to your coastal treasures! These seven home decor accents help you add the glimmer of the sea to both your home and garden.

1) Sparkling Weights for Glass Containers

Sea glass is extremely versatile when used as weights in clear containers. Fill the bottom of a clear vase with sea glass to help hold floral arrangements in place. Using sea glass to help ground candles in a shallow dish adds an extra sparkle to any room. For a relaxing bathroom accent, fill a tall clear tumbler with sea glass for a fresh take on a toothbrush holder. Or take that same idea and use it as a pen or pencil holder on your desk.

2) Mosaic Border for Mirrors and Picture Frames

Using your sea glass to create a mosaic border for a mirror or picture frame is a great way to show off your collection. Adding a mosaic border to a mirror helps to add extra radiance; in addition, a small mirror with a sea glass border can double as a decorative tray on a vanity or bathroom counter. Using the sea glass to frame a photo of the beach where you found your collection is an extra special way to preserve your favorite vacation memories and mementos together.

3) Napkin Rings

Bring your beach inspiration to the dinner table with the elegance of these homemade sea glass napkin rings. Silver napkin rings work best to bring out the soft tones of the glass pieces. For a subtle look, glue one large piece of sea glass in the center of each ring, or for a more dramatic look, cover the whole napkin ring with sea glass.

4) Flower Pot

Sea glass embellished flower pots can be used as decorative accents inside the home or outside on a deck or porch. A white or light blue clay pot is suggested to bring out the color of the sea glass. You can cover the whole outside of the pot or just the rim for a mosaic look that turns a functional planter into a shimmering piece of art.

5) Decorative Garden Stone:

The garden is a wonderful place to incorporate your sea glass collection: decorative stones provide a sparkling focal point. Many craft stores carry kits to make your own stepping stones. Substitute your sea glass pieces instead of the included decorations to press into the cement. You may even want to write the location where you collected the sea glass on the stone as a sentimental touch. Make sure to follow the construction instructions for the specific kit you purchase.

*Please note that the sea glass may make the surface of the stone very uneven; therefore the stone should be used for decoration only, do not place it where it could be stepped on.

6) Soap Dish or Jewelry Holder

A shallow dish decorated with the sea glass makes a beautiful soap dish or jewelry holder. You can use either a small clear glass dish or a light colored glass soap dish. Make sure to keep the mosaic pattern tight enough so that if you use it as a jewelry holder your earring backs do not get stuck in between the glass pieces. Whether you use the bejeweled dish to hold guest soaps or jewelry it will make the perfect decor element for any tranquil bathroom.

7) Sea Glass Ornament

Decorate Christmas in July style by showcasing your sea glass in clear glass or plastic ornaments that can be found at specialty craft stores. Filling the ornament only 1/4 of the way keeps the ornament from getting too heavy but still provides an elegant display piece that can be hung on the tree for the holidays or on an ornament hook for year-round decoration.

Your sea glass collection deserves much more attention than just sitting in a dusty jar. These seven sparkling decor accents will add a serene elegance to any room and help to showcase your coastal mementos.

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