Should you Hire a Home Decorator or Do it Yourself?

Some people often ask themselves the question should I pay for a specialist to decorate my home or should I take matters into my own hands? Both options have their own pros and cons which need to be considered before making your decision. Below I will write about each and why you might want to get one over the other.

Hiring a Home Decorator?

If you are hiring a home decorator it can be a costly endeavor in some cases especially if they are building etc, heck even a painter can be too pricey for some people. As an example, let’s say you need your home painted – it’s good to have a few different painters come and give you a price for the work. This way if you are looking to keep costs low then you can choose the cheapest of the 3.

A thing some people don’t think of is that having strangers working in your home can be something some people simply don’t want – they don’t want they privacy broken, and a decorator definitely would break that to some extent. In that case maybe paying a friend or family member to do the work would make it more comfortable for you. Also, if you are working all day you may need to leave the keys with the decorator, again for some people they don’t want to do that and that’s something to consider before hiring.

Of course, the main advantage of working with someone is that they will do a professional job and everything should be done exactly as you like. Some decorators can make mistakes so it’s good if you have some feedback from someone vouching for them because of their good work before you hire them ideally.

Now let us consider doing it yourself..

Do it Yourself?

When you want to do it yourself you are in full control of exactly what you want to accomplish. This of course can be a detriment depending on your skills and know how.

You may know what color scheme you want and the general style but implementing it yourself simply won’t work because you don’t have the practical skills to get everything sorted. Perhaps you can do some of the more basic thing yourself such as painting. It really depends on your comfort level if you are happy for yourself to do a good job of it. If you are concerned you may make a mistake then it’s probably better than you hire a professional to do it for you.

Lots of people do their own DIY some because they enjoy doing something creative and practical whereas others do it to simply save money. Though it should be considered you are undoubtedly going to need to spend a lot of time especially if you are redecorating a whole room and doing more building tasks etc.

The consensus is that you will save money this isn’t always the case, think of the tools you may need such as screwdrivers and hammers and the materials and cost of each of them. If you are building you may even need to buy some gloves or sturdy boots for the work (FlipFlops&AppleSauce has a nice round up of these). Some of these things perhaps you didn’t even consider. Though if you are a bit of a handy man yourself maybe you already have some of these tools and gear for protection. In that case then it will make more sense for you to DIY.

Home Decor & Redecorating on the Cheap

Just because the economy is in a slump and your bank account isn’t exactly stuffed with disposable cash, it does not mean you have to forgo redecorating – and in some cases even remodeling – your home. Use the following tips to get the job done and save bundles in the process!

1. Check for great deals on paint. Sometimes you can score unbelievable prices this way. Last year, when my daughter’s room needed remodelling, I found a 5-gallon bucket of professional quality paint in a lovely shade of soft white for a mere $15. All I had to do was drive a few miles, and the results were amazing.

2. Visit your local Dollar Tree (or similar store) for incredible deals on wall borders. At one dollar per five to eight feet, you can give an average-sized room a whole new look for under five dollars.

3. Also available at the Dollar Tree are gorgeous wall decals. Use these on your bathroom wall tiles, mirrors around the house, and in your kitchen for added pizazz without, ahem, sticker shock.

4. Update an old, unframed bathroom mirror by purchasing a bit of baseboard, small sea shells, and glass gems (Wal-Mart has these available for around two dollars a bag). Simply cut the baseboard to size, nail to the wall right next to the mirror to mimic a frame, then use a hot glue gun to attach your decorative elements. Finish the sea-side look by placing any left-over shells on the shelves and empty spaces around your bathroom. (I took the idea a little farther by using acrylic paints to paint a huge palm tree on the wall. The paints are very cheap, durable, and will survive cleaning as long as you don’t scrub them with harsh, abrasive chemicals.)

5. Small area rugs (try Montgomery Wards for sweet deals) can change the look of an entire room without forcing you to invest in new carpeting. Hint: Use complementary colors to create the illusion of a fuller, more finished room.

6. Move your furniture around. This one seems obvious, but many people don’t realize how much of a difference this can make! Before you huff, puff, and strain, spend some time evaluating your room’s layout and what you’d like to do with what you have. It’s easier to revise plans in your head than to move everything all over.

7. Create a focal point. Installing an overhead light and aiming it at a painting or other decorative element you already own is aesthetically pleasing and creates a clean, warm, super-elegant look you’ll get complimented on again and again.

8. Browse the flea market for beautiful antique picture frames. Just a few framed prints or personal photos, when well-placed, can make an otherwise boring wall beautiful.

9. Declutter. And do it mercilessly! Throw out anything that’s just collecting dust, and use all that new available space to draw focus to your prettier belongings.

10. Instead of remodeling your entire bedroom, treat yourself to a new comforter set including curtains and accent pillows.

11. For a rich, elegant wall hanging without the cost of a tapestry, invest in a nice curtain rod and several yards of material (I buy mine from the dollar bin at Wal-Mart). After hemming the material, drape over your curtain rod in whatever way you like, then place a large house plant in front of it (this should be tall enough to reach at least half to three-quarters of the way up). For an extra-fancy touch, buy a second length of material and a couple of tie-back tassels to create the look of a beautiful swag curtain.

12. Revive old lamp shades with beaded accent trim. This can be attached to the inside edge of the lamp shade with a hot glue gun.

Home Decoration on a Budget

There are many ways to decorate a home on a budget. There are: Accessories, paint, and black and white picture walls, all three of these techniques will dramatically change the look of a room and not break the bank. The first tip is accessories, pillows, throws and area rugs. Decorative pillows can be purchased for as low as $10.00 from home stores and even internet sales. A few good pillows on an older couch or bedding will add a new look to a room and cost very little.

Adding a colored throw to the side of a worn out chain or at the end of a bed will bring in color and freshness. Area rugs are the perfect way to cover up old carpet in a room or hallway. They can even jazz up a kids room, by adding a themed area rug. You can purchase an area rug from $5.00 on up. The other type of area rug that will fill an entire room is a remnant carpet, go to a carpet sore and ask for remnant pieces of carpet that are left over from a job and strike a deal with them.

This is a wonderful option for coving up a large space for very little money. The next tip is paint, a gallon of good paint will cost around $30.00, and you want to get a better quality because you will save on primer and the amount of coats of paint that you use. Do not buy cheap paint it will cost you in the end. Painting a room can be done by anyone who can tape off a ceiling and base molding. You can get away with one gallon of good quality paint in a small room.

With darker colors two coats are recommended. Paint is still one of the best and most cost effective ways to change the look of a room. A few fun tips are paint on one wall as an accent wall or the wall behind a bed making an extended headboard. Lastly is a picture wall and this can go in just about any room?

Take some wonderful l family pictures and have them made into black and white photos. Buy inexpensive clear frames and put the black and white pictures in them. Make sure that they are different sizes to add some interest to the wall. Hang the picture on the wall and now you have created a beautiful focal point in any room. That wall can even be painted in a darker color to bring out the picture wall.

Decorating with Sea Glass: 7 Sparkling Suggestions to Showcase Your Collection

It’s time to dust off that old jar of sea glass and bring new life to your coastal treasures! These seven home decor accents help you add the glimmer of the sea to both your home and garden.

1) Sparkling Weights for Glass Containers

Sea glass is extremely versatile when used as weights in clear containers. Fill the bottom of a clear vase with sea glass to help hold floral arrangements in place. Using sea glass to help ground candles in a shallow dish adds an extra sparkle to any room. For a relaxing bathroom accent, fill a tall clear tumbler with sea glass for a fresh take on a toothbrush holder. Or take that same idea and use it as a pen or pencil holder on your desk.

2) Mosaic Border for Mirrors and Picture Frames

Using your sea glass to create a mosaic border for a mirror or picture frame is a great way to show off your collection. Adding a mosaic border to a mirror helps to add extra radiance; in addition, a small mirror with a sea glass border can double as a decorative tray on a vanity or bathroom counter. Using the sea glass to frame a photo of the beach where you found your collection is an extra special way to preserve your favorite vacation memories and mementos together.

3) Napkin Rings

Bring your beach inspiration to the dinner table with the elegance of these homemade sea glass napkin rings. Silver napkin rings work best to bring out the soft tones of the glass pieces. For a subtle look, glue one large piece of sea glass in the center of each ring, or for a more dramatic look, cover the whole napkin ring with sea glass.

4) Flower Pot

Sea glass embellished flower pots can be used as decorative accents inside the home or outside on a deck or porch. A white or light blue clay pot is suggested to bring out the color of the sea glass. You can cover the whole outside of the pot or just the rim for a mosaic look that turns a functional planter into a shimmering piece of art.

5) Decorative Garden Stone:

The garden is a wonderful place to incorporate your sea glass collection: decorative stones provide a sparkling focal point. Many craft stores carry kits to make your own stepping stones. Substitute your sea glass pieces instead of the included decorations to press into the cement. You may even want to write the location where you collected the sea glass on the stone as a sentimental touch. Make sure to follow the construction instructions for the specific kit you purchase.

*Please note that the sea glass may make the surface of the stone very uneven; therefore the stone should be used for decoration only, do not place it where it could be stepped on.

6) Soap Dish or Jewelry Holder

A shallow dish decorated with the sea glass makes a beautiful soap dish or jewelry holder. You can use either a small clear glass dish or a light colored glass soap dish. Make sure to keep the mosaic pattern tight enough so that if you use it as a jewelry holder your earring backs do not get stuck in between the glass pieces. Whether you use the bejeweled dish to hold guest soaps or jewelry it will make the perfect decor element for any tranquil bathroom.

7) Sea Glass Ornament

Decorate Christmas in July style by showcasing your sea glass in clear glass or plastic ornaments that can be found at specialty craft stores. Filling the ornament only 1/4 of the way keeps the ornament from getting too heavy but still provides an elegant display piece that can be hung on the tree for the holidays or on an ornament hook for year-round decoration.

Your sea glass collection deserves much more attention than just sitting in a dusty jar. These seven sparkling decor accents will add a serene elegance to any room and help to showcase your coastal mementos.

Home Decorating with Accessories from Kirkland’s

One stop at Kirkland’s may be all that you need to spice up your home décor or even for an all out home makeover. Offering an array of distinguishing merchandise, at Kirkland’s you will find anything from accent rugs and lamps, to garden accessories and artificial flowers. Home decorating does not need to be a difficult task like many people make it out to be. After visiting one of their many store locations, you will learn that this can be a fun experience, especially with their attractive prices and extensive seasonal stock that adapts to all major holidays.
If you enjoy decorating with the “Live, Laugh, Love” phrase, Kirkland’s offers both picture frames and wall plaques that offer this saying. If you are like me and find that winter is the dominating season, the snowman tea light candle holder and the snowman wine bottle holder are two nice additions to help you through those winter months. These are just a couple ideas that may help make your house feel more like home, but remember that Kirkland’s stock is always changing, so no matter what your taste is, you should be able to find the accessories that are right for you and your home.

If you feel like you need to bring a little extra color into a room, you may want to consider visiting Kirkland’s to pick out a few flower arrangements to go along with each season or holiday. This can add a lot of color and elegance to any room, and can be an easy accessory to change with the seasons. Whether you are trying to add a little sophistication to your house or just trying to keep up with the ever-changing styles, Kirkland’s will always keep you up to date.

If your floors are looking a little bare as you are decorating your home, an accent rug can change the feel of any room. Depending on your budget, you can also consider all of the decorative furniture that Kirkland’s has to offer. Whether you want a modern or casual look, the furniture in the room will really set the tone for everything else around it. Also keep in mind that decorating a house does not need to be as extensive as updating the furniture. To perk up a bland or neutral couch or chair, try adding a few throw pillows. You will be surprised at the change from just adding a few accessories to your home.

You may want to take a look at your walls and simply add a stylish clock, artwork, or frames to liven up the room. Adding too much to the walls can make a room look cluttered, but adding the right Kirkland’s accessories to a bare wall can be the perfect finishing touch. Be sure that your colors flow throughout the room, and don’t be afraid to try something new. One of the best ways to decorate is by trial and error, because you’ll never know if something looks good in your home unless you try it.

Since Kirkland’s adapts to each season and holiday, the decorating and feel of your house can change with the seasons too. On their homepage, they explain that their “stores offer a unique combination of style and value that has led to our emergence as a leader in home décor and has enabled us to develop a strong customer loyalty.” So whether you are in the beginning stages of decorating a new home, or maybe it is time to spice up an outdated room, stop by Kirkland’s to see everything that they have to offer. To learn more about Kirkland’s and find the nearest store to you, visit their website at:

Home Decor: How to Decorate a Deck for Fall

Fall is the perfect time for using your deck. The days are cooler and there is nothing better than a cook-out or sipping hot chocolate out on the deck. Consider also that there are a lot of meteor showers that time of year. Your deck can make the perfect observational area for stargazing. By decorating your deck for Fall you can have the perfect surrounding for the season’s activities.

Tip #1 How to Decorate a Deck for Fall–

Adding Some Fall Flowers Around Your Deck

During the summer months we have all sorts of flowers blooming in planters around our decks to enhance the setting. When they begin to die off you can change out the flowers in them for Fall. Try replacing your geraniums, etc. for some Fall mums in beautiful, jaw-dropping colors. You can find these in gold, yellow, orange, burgundy, white, purple, and pink. Pick one or two complementary colors to build your decorating theme around.

Tip #2 How to Decorate a Deck for Fall–

Add a Harvest-Themed Arrangement to One Corner of the Deck

Fall is harvest-time. Celebrate this bountiful moment by adding a display to one corner of your deck. Find the corner that doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic, or that isn’t close to the grill. You can go to your local Garden Center and buy shocks of corn, some pumpkins or colorful gourds, a rectangular bale of hay, and a roll of wide ribbon in a Fall pattern Simply stand up the corn shock and tie the ribbon around it with a big bow on the front. Place your bale of hay in front of the shock at a slight angle, and casually arrange the pumpkins and/or gourds on the hay. Total cost will run around twenty to thirty dollars and this arrangement will hold up well in the unsettled Fall weather.

Tip #3 How to Decorate a Deck for Fall–

Change the Deck Lighting to Suit the Mood

During the Summer we keep our decks well lighted because of all the time we spend outside. With the cooler temperatures of the Fall however, your short times spent outside won’t need as much illumination, especially when stargazing or cuddling with a loved one. Soften up the deck lighting by changing to lower wattage bulbs; taking out every other solar light, if possible; or just use strings of Fall inspired party lights, or tiki torches instead. If the lighting still doesn’t make the deck seem quite right, you can try using a small spotlight to highlight one area; say the harvest-themed arrangement you’ve recently added, and keep only the party lights, or tiki torches going around the perimeter. And, with the dryness of the season, do keep a close eye on the torches. Only use them when you will be outside and make sure they are fully extinguished before you go inside for the night.

Tip #4 How to Decorate a Deck for Fall–

Give Your Deck Furniture a Fall Facelift

When you are decorating your deck for Fall, you can tie everything together if you change out the cushions for your deck furniture. Buy the new cushions in coordinating colors to match the Fall décor and it will look fabulous. If you can’t get a new set right away, look for them to go on clearance at the end of the season and snatch them up for forty percent or more off the original price. Just store them away for the off-season, and you will have a new, inexpensive set of cushions for next year.

Where to Find Imported Home Decor in Los Angeles

There is something about imported home décor that sets unique decorating in a category of its own. In Los Angeles there are many different places to purchase imported home decor, but there is one place located in the Silverlake area that is top of the line, and offers imported home décor pieces that other place don’t have. In Los Angeles the place to go is a boutique by the name of Distant-LA. At Distant-LA you will instantly fall in love with of the fine imported pieces throughout the store. The owners of Distant-LA have taken care in insuring that their store offers products that you will not find anywhere else in the city of Los Angeles California.

If Turkish imports are a love of yours, at Distant-LA one of the top places to find imported home décor in Los Angeles, you will find many one of kind pieces, and other unique household pieces to create the type of environment and surroundings that you choose to create as your own. Beautiful mouth-blown glass lamps are available for the choosing along with many unique chandeliers. High-end hand woven textiles fill the boutique with a rich feeling and unique aura worthy of kings and queens.

We have all heard about the quality of Turkish bath towels, well at Distant-LA you will experience the fine collection and assortment of imported Turkish bath towels and spa wraps found in the finest homes and spas in the county. Distant-LA definitely one of the best places to find imported home décor, you will find the owners go out of their way to insure the finest and most unique import products are made available to its customers.

What better way to enjoy a long luxurious bath than with imported natural soaps and scrubs from Turkey. You will find the finest Turkish spa accessories for use in home and spa businesses that will set aside your moments of relaxation and meditation, transporting you to a state of calm, all available from Distant-LA one of the top places to find imported home décor in Los Angeles California.

If you are looking for small pieces of furniture or even ceramics that are unique imports, Distant-LA is the place to find the pieces that no one else will have in their home. Distant-LA is not only the perfect place to find imported home décor, but also your first and last stop for quality, price, and uniqueness among imported items.

Whether you are looking for imported home décor in the form of rugs, ceramics, pillows, soaps, marble pieces, fabrics, furniture or other unique imported pieces, Distant-LA is the place to shop. Distant-LA is located at 4516 Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

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